Happy Mooniversary!

June 1st was the two-month anniversary of the release of my debut poetry chapbook, Hello, Moon! Since April 1st, I’ve had sales of the print and ebook versions from friends, family, coworkers, and strangers. I’m so happy that people are finding and enjoying this collection of moon- and space-themed poetry.

Nicole holding a copy of Hello, Moon.

Sales Stats

So far, I’ve sold about 47 copies of the print version and 4 ebooks–a lot more than I expected! I am excited to see how many copies have been sold after 6 months and a year after being released.


Hello, Moon has already received wonderful reviews from kind readers:

This book takes me back to my childhood, when I thought the moon followed me when I traveled at night. My youthful magical thinking is conjured and added to by a mature scientific wonder in this amazing and fun ode to the moon and space.

Matthew F, Lafleur

This is a wonderful book of poems. You can truly feel the Authors love for the moon in the words of her poems. I hope there are more books to come!

Sandra Kirkenmeier

More reviews will be posted on the chapbook’s page as I see them.

Coming Soon…

I’ve been designing bookmarks in Canva to go along with the chapbook and hope to bring them to signings or events; I may even sell them online if there is enough interest.

Let me know which one is your favorite or any other ideas you have for merch! I might also do shirts and mugs.


Accountability & Editing

I’m writing this post to hold myself accountable. My debut novel, DEERSTALKER, is undergoing a round of edits that I am responsible for. My first round of feedback from the editor has given me more reasons to research my setting as well as expand on the plot and character development. Between work and school, I’ve had some difficulty finding time to dedicate to these edits, which is holding up the publishing process. I’ve asked some friends to be my “accountability buddies” who encourage and motivate me to finish up these edits so I can continue onward with my dream of being a published author.

These edits have helped me look back at the story and characters I have spent so many years with, and after various workshops to finish the novel, I still have some ways to go. This is all good, I just wish I was able to dedicate more of my time to this. So this is partly an accountability checkup for myself to motivate me to finish these edits so my book can be in the hands of readers sooner than later.

Part of the research involves looking into the medical and scientific advancements of the time and place of the story. I’ve learned a lot about what kind of medicines were used in the 1600s of Europe and what scientists knew about the human body. Another part of the research involves the Thirty Years’ War, chiefly being the Catholics versus Protestants, and how to bring that conflict into the story without overshadowing the main plot. It’s been fun and enlightening to learn about these things and dive more into the history!

I’ve also been working on building out the characters by creating believable people within this time period, expanding on their backgrounds and story of how they fit in to the main scenario, and developing their personalities and how they interact with each other. Overall, it’s been a fruitful process. Here’s to finishing these edits and moving forward with the publishing process!


Debut Novel Forthcoming: DEERSTALKER

Great news: After querying literary agents and publishers, DEERSTALKER is finally being published!

I’m excited to announce that Indigo River Publishing has acquired publishing rights as of July 6th, which is a great early birthday present. We’re beginning the initial editing process now and have a current lead time of about 6 to 9 months. I’ll continue to post about updates to the publishing journey here and on my Twitter.

My website is currently being updated with a new style and pages, with one being dedicated to my debut novel where all updates will be stored as well. Once the book is published, I’ll add purchase links to that page and begin a book tour. I plan to do events such as book signings and panels, attend literary conferences and book conventions, and even pop culture conventions to promote my book, meet readers, and mingle with other authors.

This has been a dream since I was young; a dream I always hoped would come true and have tried so hard throughout the years to make happen. I am so grateful for this opportunity and can’t wait for more to come. I’m excited for the book world to see DEERSTALKER after so much love has been poured into this novel. I’m thankful for my best friend who initially gave me the idea, to various workshop groups who helped me revise the story and characters, and to my family who has always been supportive of this wacky adventure.

Hello, Moon

In my previous post, I announced the self-publication of my debut poetry chapbook. Today, I’m happy to announce that it is available for preorder! Hello, Moon is set to release on April 1st (it’s not a joke!) and has been acquired by Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Book Depository, and a few international bookstores so far.

Screenshot of Hello, Moon on barnesandnoble.com

Seeing a book with my name on it on the B&N website almost brought tears to my eyes, and I’m sure seeing it on bookshelves will make me cry in joy. This is my dream come true! I can’t wait until my novel is ready to join the world as well.

How to Find Hello, Moon

  • Title: Hello, Moon
  • ISBN: 9781087877440
  • Release Date: 4/1/2022
  • Distributor: IngramSpark
  • Self-Published by Nicole M. Zaunbrecher
  • Available at:
    • Barnes & Noble
    • Walmart
    • Book Depository

This poetry chapbook is available in paperback and eBook format (NookBook at Barnes & Noble) at $5.99 and $0.99 respectively. I encourage readers to leave reviews and tell friends, family, as well as coworkers/book clubs/literary events about it! I plan to do a reading at local events and attending conferences, hopefully with more copies in tow. More details will be available on my website: nicolemzaunbrecher.com.

A View of the Paperpack

I chose matte for the cover material and love the feel of it, as well as how the cover turned out considering it was a cell phone photo of the crescent moon, which inspired the title. The inside is easy to read and the font goes well with the poetry. I picked a template that was minimal but still had some flair.

Upcoming Poetry Chapbook!

I’m happy to announce that I’m in the process of self-publishing a poetry chapbook about my love for the moon, stars, and space! After being published in journals and anthologies, I have been wanting to publish my own collection. With an impulsive amount of motivation, I set everything up through Ingram Spark and am awaiting final approval after a visual inspection. I did all of the editing, formatting, and cover design for the book using Ingram’s book builder and suggested layouts. The featured image for this post is the image I used for the book cover, which I took myself on my phone!

Hello, Moon is set to be available for print (softcover) and eBook on April 1st. I gave myself a month of preparation to market online and through social media, and am looking into literary conferences and events to bring copies and discuss this new collection with readers. This chapbook features “Love Poems to the Moon,” which was initially published by Z Publishing House in an anthology called Florida’s Best Emerging Poets in 2018. You can learn more about that publication in my blog post about it.

I plan to release larger collections upon the success of this chapbook launch, in addition to publishing DEERSTALKER and other novels along the way. I am so excited to finally be on my publishing journey and can’t wait to share my work with family, friends, fellow authors, and readers across the world. Stay tuned on Twitter for more details about the book cover and where you can purchase it!

Website Changes & Writing Updates

Dearest Readers,

First, some exciting news regarding Deerstalker: I sent out query letters to literary agents to begin the publishing process! After struggling with whether I wanted to split the story into two parts in one novel or in two separate novels to create a series, I decided it was time to stop beating around the bush and just get it published. I have worked on this novel on and off for several years, put it through numerous writing groups, and have edited it more times than I would like to admit. My family and friends have been begging me to quit procrastinating and get this story published already, and it is time I took their advice.

While we are going through a pandemic and I am currently in lockdown, I hope to receive news within the next month or so regarding the queries I sent out. I prefer going through a literary agent, but may also submit my manuscript to publishers who I feel fit the niche this novel falls in.

I have also made this site into purely a blog for my writing updates and publishing news and made a static website where readers and fellow authors can get to know me. In addition, I created a Twitter account solely for my writing to connect with fellow authors, readers, and publishers. These steps have helped me invigorate myself as an author and help to build my brand up as I await publishing news.

Here is a recent selfie of me so you remember what I look like (or see my face for the first time!)

Selfie of Nicole

One last update: I am finally, officially, for real this time, getting started on creating a small publishing press where I can publish other amazing writers from my local area. I’ll make a post with more details once we get off of our feet, so look forward to more news!

Thank you for reading, please continue to follow me on this journey!


Hello all! I have created a Ko-Fi account for readers to support my writing endeavors. If you haven’t heard of this platform, it’s a type of crowdfunding which allows generous supporters to donate a ‘coffee’ which costs just $3 each in order to support a starving artist. While I have no intentions of quitting my day job, I do intend to focus more on my writing both personally and professionally.

The money being donated goes to many different things:

  • Gas to travel to writer’s group meetings where we discuss and workshop our stories
  • Supplies as small as paper and pens to as large as new equipment and tools for writing (I am currently shopping for a new computer)
  • Food for thought–hunger stifles creativity!
  • Encouragement to show that my work is appreciated and motivation to keep me going

I have a rewards system planned out based on donation amount:

  • 1-2 Coffees: Scene or chapter excerpt of my latest writing project
  • 3-4 Coffees: Plot and character discussions of the project you like best
  • 5+ Coffees: Idea or character insertion into the project you like best

Other rewards may come up due to special circumstances! Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have about this platform, the rewards, or even my intentions.

Long Time No Blog

Hello there. It’s been a while since I’ve updated on my writing progress. Life sometimes gets in the way of your hopes, dreams, and even ambitions. I often find myself caught up in one thing or another, forcing me to set aside certain things for a while to chase after a new high. Writing, however, is the one thing I keep coming back to. So here’s a little update on that:

Progress on Deerstalker has been going strong. It is the main project I am focusing on (as well as Ultraviolent the comic and poetry books). I have done a lot of writing, editing, workshopping, researching, brainstorming, plotting, and more for this book over the past few years. This year has seen the most progress and I can start to glimpse the light at the end of the tunnel. You can see some references and tidbits about it on my tumblr. My problem is trying to get every scene perfect instead of just finishing the story. While workshops and writer’s groups have always been helpful to me, I’ve realized that constantly rewriting and editing my book won’t get it out into the world any faster than if I just kept writing it. I’ve also been doing a lot of research, as it is set in 17th-century Germany (don’t ask me how or why I chose that setting, it just came to me and has stuck). I want to be as true to the time period as I can within a fictional setting revolving around the supernatural. This involves asking questions like “What kind of technology did they have back then?” “What was life like for common and uncommon folk?” “Will historians be mad at me if this isn’t 100% accurate?” and so on. Needless to say, I’m getting there.

I’ve also been thinking, as I often do, about finally starting my own publishing company. I’ve done more research, learned about the process, and added lighter fluid to stoke the fires of my passion for this endeavor. I think I will get things started on that fairly soon, and hopefully publish Deerstalker as my first book–if I can ever finish it. Writing and publishing have been dreams of mine since I was young, but they never seemed attainable until recently. I think I am finally ready to take these next steps forward for my career and future.

Officially Published!

I’m so excited and proud to announce that the book my poem is featured in, Florida’s Best Emerging Poets, has been published! I can now call myself a 5-Time Published Poet, which is a title I am very happy to embrace.

Poetry has always been a way for me to let out my emotions instead of keeping them bottled up inside. A lot of the poems I have written over the years, especially the ones from when I was younger, came about through the pure outpouring of emotion onto paper. I couldn’t explain why I chose certain words or what the poems were even about, because they were influenced by my emotions alone.

The poem featured in this collection, however, I can say was influenced by a great love in my life: the moon. As creative as I am, the most apt title I could think to give it was “Love Poems to the Moon” because, quite simply, that is what the series of stanzas is. They interchange between talking directly to the orb in the sky and talking indirectly about it.

I’ve been in love with the moon since I was a child. I always enjoy staring at it, especially when it’s full. A lot of my poems mention the moon, but this one is focused intently on it. When I found out that this was the chosen piece from the few I submitted, I was glad to know that my appreciation for the moon could be, well, appreciated. I hope those who read this poem are just as enamored with the moon as I am.

You can read “Love Poems to the Moon” by purchasing a copy of the softcover or eBook version of Florida’s Best Emerging Poets through Z Publishing or Amazon.

Exciting News!

Z Publishing Logo

I was recently contacted by Z Publishing to submit my poetry for one of their books. They compile an anthology of poems by the best poets in each state, in addition to their other projects, and publish them as eBooks and soft covers. I submitted a few poems that were near and dear to my heart and one of them was accepted for the Florida’s Best Emerging Poets book! I am beyond excited and honored to have my 5th poem published, and I’m so glad they reached out to me.

Preorders for the book I will be featured in are now available. You can purchase the book here: http://www.zpublishinghouse.com?rfsn=911877.a58005, as well as look through some of the other state anthologies. The publishing date is currently set for January 17th and I can’t wait to read all of the poetry from my fellow Floridian poets. I hope to see some familiar names!

You can follow Z Publishing on Facebook and their poetry anthologies on Z Poetry