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Welcome to my blog! I post updates on my writing and the publishing process.

Nicole M. Zaunbrecher is the author of Hello, Moon, a poetry chapbook celebrating the moon and stars. Her debut novel, DEERSTALKER, is forthcoming. Read below to view updates on her writing process, upcoming books, and event opportunities.

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Happy Mooniversary!

June 1st was the two-month anniversary of the release of my debut poetry chapbook, Hello, Moon! Since April 1st, I’ve had sales of the print and ebook versions from friends, family, coworkers, and strangers. I’m so happy that people are finding and enjoying this collection of moon- and space-themed poetry. Sales Stats So far, I’veContinue reading “Happy Mooniversary!”

Hello, Moon

In my previous post, I announced the self-publication of my debut poetry chapbook. Today, I’m happy to announce that it is available for preorder! Hello, Moon is set to release on April 1st (it’s not a joke!) and has been acquired by Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Book Depository, and a few international bookstores so far.Continue reading “Hello, Moon”


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